HEWE Coin Enhances Health and Wealth Ecosystem with Ongoing Second Presale


Houston, Texas – May 13, 2024 – Building on the exceptional success of its initial presale, HEWE, a leader at the intersection of health and wealth, proudly continues the second presale phase of HEWE Coin, which commenced on May 1, 2024. This ongoing phase introduces the coin at a revised price of $0.000625 per coin, reflecting the increased value and potential driven by HEWE’s unique proposition.

The initial presale, which wrapped up on April 30, 2024, successfully attracted a broad spectrum of participants, drawn by HEWE’s innovative approach of melding earning potential with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Participants in this initial round seized the opportunity to invest in HEWE Coin at an introductory price of $0.0005, garnering substantial interest and setting a robust foundation for subsequent phases.

The ongoing second presale extends the initial excitement, welcoming a growing community of investors and users keen on aligning their health objectives with substantial investment opportunities. This presale not only provides a chance to invest but also to be part of a transformative movement towards a healthier, wealthier lifestyle powered by the advanced AmChain blockchain.

HEWE is based on the advanced AmChain blockchain, which ensures fast and secure transactions. This makes HEWE Coin not just another cryptocurrency but a robust tool for promoting wellness and financial well-being. The coin can be used within HEWE’s ecosystem, which includes a variety of applications designed to improve users’ health and wealth.

Looking forward, HEWE has a series of strategic rollouts planned. In August 2024, the platform will introduce its own native wallet, enhancing the security and ease of managing digital assets. This wallet is tailored to support the HEWE Coin and other cryptocurrencies, providing a safe, efficient, and user-friendly tool for all users, whether they are seasoned investors or new to the world of digital currency.

Another exciting development in the roadmap is the launch of the HEWE Walking App in February 2025. This application will directly reward users with HEWE Coins for walking, thus promoting physical activity and wellness while also providing a financial incentive. This aligns perfectly with HEWE’s mission to integrate health improvement with earning potential.

Expansion and Projections:

  • Global Expansion: In June 2024, HEWE will hold a major event in India, focusing on establishing and deepening connections in this dynamic market, thereby increasing global awareness of HEWE’s innovative offerings.
  • Price Projections: The price for the ongoing second presale is set at $0.000625, with the anticipated third presale price being $0.0008.
  • Token Burn Strategy: At the end of the second presale, HEWE plans to burn an additional 10 billion tokens, aiming to enhance the token’s value and scarcity.
  • Future Value Prediction: By the beginning of 2025, HEWE anticipates that the coin’s value will reach $1, reflecting confidence in its continued growth and community support.

The second presale offers an exciting opportunity for investors and health enthusiasts to be part of a growing community that values health, wealth, and technology. As HEWE continues to develop and introduce new features, the platform is set to revolutionize the way people think about and engage with cryptocurrency.

About HEWE

Health & Wealth (HEWE) is a pioneering platform dedicated to enhancing the lives of its community by encouraging healthier living through rewarding activities. By engaging in simple daily tasks such as walking, users can earn HEWE Coins, which can be spent within a vibrant, decentralized financial ecosystem. HEWE’s mission is to build a global community where making healthy choices leads to financial benefits, supporting a sustainable and prosperous lifestyle for all. For more information, visit HEWE’s official website.

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