BlockDAG Network Unveiled: Influencer Highlights Mining Efficiency and Potential Returns

Press Releases
Press Releases

Amid changing trends in ETH burning and turbulence in XRP price predictions, BlockDAG stands out with its innovative roadmap update, featuring a low-code/no-code platform that simplifies creating meme coins and NFTs. With a presale reaching $24.6 million and the price rising to $0.007, BlockDAG has captured investors’ attention. 

Resilience in Shiba Inu Adoption Despite Market Challenges  

Despite recent challenges, Shiba Inu continues to attract new users. The New Adoption Rate, a metric from IntoTheBlock, reveals a steady influx of new participants. This metric tracks new addresses on the Shiba Inu network daily, indicating consistent activity. Since late April, over 30% of transactions have been conducted by new users, showcasing the resilience of Shiba Inu’s adoption. 

Interestingly, adoption rates dipped to 21.04% in late February before SHIB’s price spiked, demonstrating that interest from new participants can quickly revive the market even amid bearish trends.

Polkadot Price Dynamics Amid Market Fluctuations  

Polkadot recently showed resilience in trading, rebounding from a dip to $6.06 and surpassing the $6.40 support level to close at $6.42. The price then surged by 7.48% to $6.90.

Polkadot briefly overcame the 200-day SMA before stabilizing above $7, indicating buying interest at that level. Despite a slight Monday decline to $7.13, the ongoing support of around $7 reflects consistent interest.

BlockDAG Mining Rigs Endorsed by YouTube Influencer Shark Numbers 
BlockDAG Mining Rigs Endorsed by YouTube Influencer Shark Numbers 

BlockDAG stands out from competitors like Shiba Inu and Polkadot with its innovative X1 app beta launch. YouTube influencer Shark Numbers endorsed the project, enhancing its visibility and highlighting its potential. BlockDAG’s presale has raised $24.6 million, with a price surge to $0.007, positioning it as a top crypto contender. 


Shark Numbers emphasized the economic potential of BlockDAG’s mining rigs. Despite the initial cost of $1,500, these rigs can generate $150 daily, promising a quick return on investment within 15 days. This combination of technological innovation and influential endorsement makes BlockDAG a compelling choice for experienced and new investors, paving the way for a fresh perspective on crypto mining. 

Why Investing in Mining Rigs is Beneficial  

Shiba Inu adoption continues to attract new users, and Polkadot shows resilience against market shifts. However, BlockDAG stands out with its innovative X1 app and substantial $24.6 million presale. With Shark Numbers endorsing its mining rigs, BlockDAG is emerging as a top crypto pick, offering rigs that promise rapid returns. Investing in these rigs presents forward-thinking investors with quick cost recovery and compelling gains. 

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