BlockTalks Bengaluru Gears Up for Its Second Edition: A Hub for Web3 and Blockchain Enthusiasts

Press Releases
Press Releases

Bengaluru, December 03, 2023 — In the heart of India’s tech city, Bengaluru, an exciting event is on the horizon. BlockTalks, the renowned series dedicated to the latest in blockchain, Web3, and digital innovation, is all set for its second edition on December 7, 2023. Hosted by Blockopedia, a leader in crypto and blockchain news, this event promises to be a milestone in the world of tech events in India.

Scheduled from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in Fairfield by Marriott, Whitefield Bengaluru, Karnataka, BlockTalks Bengaluru aims to build on the success of its first edition in Gurugram. This event brings together technology enthusiasts, experts, and innovators for an afternoon filled with insightful talks, networking, and a celebration of the advancements in Web3, blockchain, and related fields.

A highlight of the event is the inclusion of a diverse range of speakers, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences in the tech world. Among the speakers are Pranjal Prashar, Founder & CEO of WeFi, with his extensive background in Web3 and SaaS; Santhosh Kumar, the Ambassador of CoinexOfficial, known for his significant contributions to the crypto community; and Ilya Orlov (UnderKong.eth), Founder & CEO of FileMarket, a pioneer in P2P file-sharing on Web3. These speakers are set to provide attendees with valuable insights and inspire the next generation of tech innovators.

In addition to the speaker sessions, BlockTalks Bengaluru will host an Open Mic segment, offering a stage for participants to present their innovative ideas, projects, or startups. This session, inspired by its success in Gurugram, is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to gain visibility and receive feedback from a knowledgeable audience.

A new and exciting feature of this year’s event is the panel discussion session, moderated by Soniya Ahuja, Founder and CEO of Orbis86. The session is set to offer diverse perspectives on crucial topics in the Web3 and blockchain space. Enhancing the experience, a surprise guest will appear as a panelist, adding an unexpected and thrilling element to the discussion.

Attendees can expect to engage with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators in an environment conducive to sharing ideas and forging connections. Furthermore, attendees can also look forward to a variety of engaging activities and surprises, including goodie bags, exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming projects, and potential crypto airdrops. These elements add an extra layer of excitement and reward for those participating in the event.

This December, Bengaluru is set to become a central hub for those passionate about the potential and future of blockchain and Web3 technologies. For those who would like to experience this firsthand can register at: 

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