India’s Largest Crypto Exchange BitBNS lists South Korean Blockchain Gaming token WEMIX

Press Releases
Press Releases

Delhi, February 20, 2023: BitBNS, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the listing of WEMIX, the native coin of South Korean blockchain gaming developer WEMIX Play. WEMIX Play is the world’s largest and fastest Play & Earn (P&E) gaming platform, offering numerous multigenre games.

BitBNS is also the first Indian crypto trading platform to list the most popular South Korean Coin, making it accessible for all Indian users to participate in the WEMIX ecosystem. The crypto exchange lists over 400 tokens including popular metaverse tokens such as TRACE, Alien World, RFOX, and DEAPcoin.

The Lumikai State of India Gaming Report FY 2021-22 projects that of the 507 million Indian gamers, there are 120 million paying players, with a CAGR of 25 per cent.

Founder & CEO of BitBNS, Gaurav Dahake said, “BitBNS is the most secure, friendly and easy-to-use digital asset exchange platform in India. Our goal is to enhance the experience of our community by providing them with access to the most popular tokens in the world. WEMIX is highly trusted in the global gaming community, and we want to provide the Indian gamers with a similar experience. We are excited to list one of the most popular South Korean tokens on our exchange.”

The WEMIX mega-ecosystem has individually functional and collectively aligned key platforms such as WEMIX PLAY, the world’s largest and fastest P&E gaming platform; WEMIX.Fi, official DeFi platform of WEMIX; and NILE, next-generation DAO Launchpad and NFT marketplace, contribute directly to the expansion of WEMIX.

WEMIX is a high-performance EVM-compliant open-source protocol based on the SPoA (Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm, secured by 40 decentralized authority nodes (40 WONDERS), operated by highly-qualified global partners. WEMIX provides an additional layer of security within its ecosystem through a mechanism of dynamically expanding and shrinking gas prices that make it extremely expensive and impractical for malicious actors to conduct attacks using the token. 

Founded in 2018 by WEMADE, WEMIX began its journey with a solid vision to create a blockchain gaming platform that serves various games, and connects the in-game and the real world economies via tokenomics. In August 2021, WEMADE launched its flagship title – MIR4 – on the WEMIX platform, triggering an unprecedented paradigm shift in the gaming industry. MIR4 has been highly successful with more than 1.4 million concurrent users and 20 million cumulative registered users from over 170 countries. On 31st of January, MIR M, was launched globally by introducing the governance token DRONE and game token DRONE; and WEMIX PLAY supports its inter-game economy.

About BitBNS

BNS is a part of Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd. – the parent company established in 2015. BitBNS has attracted over half a million users within a year of its launch in 2017. Since then, BitBNS has become the largest Indian exchange in the crypto ecosystem and has expanded its operations to the Middle East.

Emphasizing user-friendliness, security, and customer support from the very beginning, BitBNS’ vision was to provide people with a smooth entry into the world of cryptocurrencies. With more than 400 cryptocurrencies listed, BNS allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best available prices and with unmatched ease of trading. BitBNS was also included in the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2022” list published by Forbes Advisors as the best for advanced trading features.